Show me the track - 1830

Title page of Sturm’s book
Title page of Morning Conversations with God.

Today’s Devotional

This new day is a new incitement to me to select the path of holiness. I am determined to follow it: but, O God, do thou thyself show me the track in which I ought to go, and rule my steps that I may abide in the same. Teach me to act according to thy pleasure, and let thy good spirit carry me along in the straight way.

About the Author and the Source

Christopher Christian Sturm (1740–1786) was a German pastor known for his ardent faith. This found expression in a book of morning meditations that was translated into English. Here is part of his prayer for January 7th.

Christopher Christian Sturm. Morning Communings with God. London: Baldwin and Cradock, 1830.

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