A woman with a message

by Margaret Fell

Margaret Fell insisted she and other women had the right to preach

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue 117 in 2016 ]

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MARK THIS, you that despise and oppose the Message of the Lord God that he sends by Women; What had become of the Redemption of the whole Body of Mankind, if they had not cause to believe the Message that the Lord Jesus sent by these Women, of and concerning his Resurrection? [Matthew 28:10, Mark 16:9, John 20:16–17].

And if these Women had not thus, out of their Tenderness, and Bowels of Love, who had received Mercy, and Grace, and Forgiveness of Sins, and Virtue, and Healing from him; which many Men also had received the like, if their Hearts had not been so united and knit unto him in Love, that they could not depart as the Men did; but sat watching, and waiting, and weeping about the Sepulcher until the time of his Resurrection, and so were ready to carry his Message, as is manifested, else how should his Disciples have known, who were not there?

Oh! Blessed and Glorified be the Glorious Lord; for this may all the whole Body of Mankind say, though the Wisdom of Man that never knew God, is always ready to except against the Weak; but the Weakness of God is stronger than Men, and the Foolishness of God is wiser than Men. …

And what is all this to such as have the Power and Spirit of the Lord Jesus poured upon them, and have the Message of the Lord Jesus given unto them? Must not they speak the Word of the Lord? … If the Apostle would have had Womens’ speaking stopped, and did not allow of them; why did he entreat his true Yoke-Fellow [Philippians 4:3] to help those Women who labored with him in the Gospel? … But all this opposing, and gainsaying of Women’s Speaking, hath risen out of the Bottomless Pit, and Spirit of Darkness, that hath spoken for these many Hundred Years together in this Night of Apostasy, since the Revelations have ceased and been hid.—Margaret Fell, Women’s Speaking Justified, Proved, and Allowed By the Scriptures, 1666

This article is from Christian History magazine #117 The Surprising Quakers. Read it in context here!

Margaret Fell was an early Quaker and became the wife of Quaker founder George Fox.

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