Issue 68: Jan Hus: The Incendiary Preacher of Prague

With the papal schism commanding so much of the Catholic Church's attention, many vocal dissenters during the early 15th century were silenced by a fiery death. Jan Hus was one of these dissenters. An ardent reformer and a passionate preacher, Jan was outspoken in his disdain for the sale of indulgences, the Eucharistic disparity between clergy and laity, and the conduct of priests in general. Christian History & Biography offers this issue as a look at the life and death of Jan Hus: his supporters, his enemies, and his fireproof legacy that would last long after his body burned away.

  • Jan Hus’s zeal for reform
  • The legacy of Hus among Czech Christians
  • The shared ideas of Wyclif and Luther
  • Jan Hus and the popes
  • Preaching and reform

What’s Inside?

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