Issue 12: John Calvin (Full-Color Reprint)

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Predestination often overshadows the vast ministry of John Calvin to the people of Geneva. During his tenure, Geneva had no beggars, no lack of biblical preaching, and a solidly constructed relationship between church and state. His Institutes of the Christian Religion, the most intricate and comprehensive volume of systematic theology in his time, exhibited a mastery of Reformation doctrine and an intense love of the Scriptures. Learn more about this Protestant Church Father in yet another illuminating issue of Christian History.

  • The life of John Calvin
  • Calvin and missions
  • Calvin on predestination
  • Modern democracy and the Reformation
  • Calvin and Servetus

NOTE: This is a facsimile reprint. The downloadable PDF is a low resolution facsimile, necessary to make file size manageable. For higher quality digital reading, view the flip book.

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What’s Inside?

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