Issue 3: John Wycliffe and 600th Anniversary of Translation of the Bible into English

Plagued by disease, dominated by the Church, and strained by a century of warfare, the English people were wrought with despair during the 1300s, the time of John Wycliffe. This issue of Christian History reveals a courageous man of faith, a man willing to fight for biblical truth and against a Church corrupted by money and politics—all the way to his final act, translating the Bible into the common tongue. This Christian History classic is devoted to John Wycliffe and the 600th anniversary of the translation of Bible into English. This is an issue that should be part of every Christian historian's library.

  • Bible translation since Wycliffe
  • Wycliffe’s England
  • The five bulls of Pope Gregory XI against Wycliffe
  • Controversy over the Eucharist
  • Why Wycliffe translated the Bible

What’s Inside?

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