Issue 48: Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation (Full-color reprint)

His faith was diplomatic at best: his absolute devotion to king and country daily competed with his loyalty to God. Yet Thomas Cranmer's propensity toward diplomacy led him to find the via media—middle way—between Catholics and Protestants in an age when compromise equaled a double portion of treason. His ensuing martyrdom sparked the brushfire of English reform, and his Book of Common Prayer and 42 Articles facilitated the emergence of Anglican Christianity. Christian History & Biography invites you to read more about this man who chose to act faithfully when much was at stake.

  • The life of Thomas Cranmer
  • Queen Mary’s persecution of Protestants
  • Destruction of monasteries
  • The martyrdom of Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer
  • The English Reformation

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What’s Inside?

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