As scientific knowledge grows exponentially, Darwin's theory of evolution becomes more debatable and hotly contested by researchers on both sides of the growing scientific controversy.

Reasonable Doubt presents a logical rendition of some of the fundamental problems evolution theory faces in the light of modern scientific knowledge with easy-to-understand explanation, animations, interviews and logical illustrations. This thought-compelling and no-punches-pulled DVD illustrates dissenting scientific issues in the fields of microbiology, physics, cosmology, and statistical probability.

Every intellectually honest student of life needs to watch this DVD! This is not a Creation or Intelligent Design presentation and it does not argue for any particular alternative theory to evolution -- just the cold, hard facts regarding the scientific shortcomings of evolution -- but some different theory is clearly called for in light of modern science as illustrated in Reasonable Doubt: Evolution Versus Modern Microbiology.

Reasonable Doubt provides sound, authoritative discussion of the relevant science and logic in a fascinating way that viewers can understand and appreciate. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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