Jesus walked this earth a long time ago and uttered things like none other ever did before or since. His teachings had drawn more adherents than any other. But what about today in a scientific post-modern world? Do his teachings make any sense and offer any hope for the desperate problems of our world?

This series approaches these vitally important questions by going to some of the most perplexing and challenging situations on our planet today. Host Robert Beckford takes us around the world for what has to be one of history's toughest tests. We peer through the lens of the personal experiences of men and women who have dared to attempt to live out the teachings of Christ, sometimes under seemingly impossible circumstances.

Four areas which affect all of us at some level are explored. These are areas where the teachings of Jesus are clear and where they can be put to the test. They are Commitment, Money, Inner Peace, and Forgiveness.

A 32 pg. guide in PDF is included which has a program summary, background information, student worksheets, and further explorations for each of the four programs; Commitment, Money, Inner Peace, and Forgiveness.


  • Silver International Cindy Award - Cindy Competition 2001
  • Best Young People's Factual TV Program - British Academy of Film & Television Arts 2001
  • Gold Award for Best Documentary, Best Series & Best Curriculum - Crown Awards 2002
  • Bronze Award for Best Youth Film - Crown Awards 2002
  • Gold Special Jury Award - Family Matters for Film and Video Production - Worldfest - Houston 2002
  • Honorable Mention - Columbus International Film & Video Festival 2001

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