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15 Feb 2013

Houses of hospitality

by Edwin Woodruff Tait | Issue 104

BY THE AGE OF 25, journalist Dorothy Day (1897–1980) had survived the San Francisco Earthquake, imprisonment on a trumped-up charge of prostitution connected with socialist activism, an abortion, a failed marriage, and drinking bouts in Greenwich Village with Eugene O’Neill. Yet the decisive factor that converted her to Catholicism in 1922 was none of these—it was an immense surge of joy at the birth of her child. 

Day wrote later that there was nothing to do with such gratitude but to offer it to God. Her common-law husband not only...

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15 Nov 2006

The Politics of Service

by Collin Hansen | Issue 92

Since President George W. Bush's 2004 electoral victory, there has been a flood of books promoting apocalyptic visions of impending theocracy. Reading them, you might think the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition invented Christian political activism in the 1980s.

Christians have long applied the teachings of their faith to their politics. Yet today's activism is an anomaly. Traditionally, faith-based activism has not been so closely associated with one party. During the tumultuous years when America grew into a financial superpower,...

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  • Entertaining Angels $15.99

    Entertaining Angels

    • DVD
    • 112 Minutes
    • Drama
    • All
    • 1996
    • Paulist Pictures

    The Dorothy Day Story shows how she served New York's poor and became a voice for the voiceless. The film shows Dorothy’s struggle as she establishes the Catholic Worker movement and commits herself to a lifetime of peacemaking, battling for justice, and hands-on service to the poor.