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31 Aug 1990

From the Archives: The Edict of Milan

by the Editors | Issue 27

When we, Constantine and Licinius, Emperors, met at Milan in conference concerning the welfare and security of the realm, we decided that of the things that are of profit to all mankind, the worship of God ought rightly to be our first and chiefest care, and that it was right that Christians and all others should have freedom to follow the kind of religion they favored; so that the God who dwells in heaven might be propitious to us and to all under our rule.

We therefore announce that, notwithstanding any provisions concerning the Christians...

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15 Nov 1990

313 The Edict of Milan

by David F. Wright | Issue 28

It came out of a two-man summit meeting in the northern Italian city of Milan in January 313. The two men were the Roman emperors—Constantine ruling the West and Licinius the East. They met “under happy auspices,” as their joint communiqué put it. After years of power struggles for the imperial purple, the Roman world enjoyed a degree of peace. And after the failure of the Great Persecution (initiated by the emperors Diocletian and Galerius in 303304), the Christian church had begun to recover its stability. Constantine and Licinius turned...

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