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15 Nov 1990

1456 Gutenberg Produces the First Printed Bible

Issue 28

LAST YEAR SAW A CURIOUS ITEM: the entire Bible on a hand-held computer. The technological wonder can look up chapters and verses instantly and project them on its screen, saving the reader from flipping pages. Whether or not this invention will replace printed Bibles, however, it pales before the technological breakthroughs of a German printer over five hundred years ago. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a modern church, or world, apart from the mass-produced printed page he made possible.

In Search of Efficient Printing


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    Christian History Magazine - #28 - 100 Most Important Events in Church History

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    Newly Reprinted! Christian History Magazine #28 features the 100 Most Important Events in Church History, includes fold-out timeline.

  • Where Luther Walked $15.99

    Where Luther Walked

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    How did Martin Luther, who sought only the quiet of monastery, become a pivotal figure in Western history? Why did he object so strongly to indulgences? How did Gutenberg's new printing press spread his influence? Who did Luther marry? How did he respond when his young daughter died in his arms?