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23 Feb 2017

A war story: “There is no pit so deep God’s love is not deeper still“

by Kaylena Radcliff | Issue 121

One was an ethnically Jewish Carmelite nun , the other a Dutch Reformed watchmaker. One received her doctorate, the other initially failed to get even a Bible training certificate. On the surface Edith Stein (1891–1942) and Corrie ten Boom (1892–1983) had little in common, but their faith and choices during World War II bound them in suffering.

[Last photograph of Edith Stein]

The Watchmaker’s Daughter

Cornelia (Corrie) ten Boom was the fourth surviving child of a poor but generous Dutch Reformed couple, Casper and Cornelia ten Boom. After...

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23 Feb 2017

Karl Barth preaches on the Jewishness of Jesus

by Karl Barth | Issue 121

Christ belonged to the people of Israel. That people’s blood was, in his veins, the blood of the Son of God. That people’s character he has accepted by taking on being human, not for the sake of that people or of the superiority of its blood and its race, but for the truth, i.e. for the proof of the truthfulness, the faithfulness, of God. … Jesus Christ has been a Jew. He has himself once said of himself: To the lost sheep from the house of Israel and to them alone is he sent (Matt 15:24; cf. 10:5–6). For us who are not Israel, that means a...

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15 Mar 2011

American Jews and the KJV

by Ann T. Snyder | Issue 100

RABBI ISAAC LEESER, a respected clergyman, author, translator, and founder of the Jewish Press of America, objected to headings and marginal comments in English language Bibles, such as “The Prediction for Christ” for Psalm 110, “A Description of Christ” for the Song of Solomon, and “Christ’s birth and Kingdom” for Isaiah 9. His solution was to single-handedly translate into English the entire Hebrew Bible (1853) and the Sephardic and Ashkenazic prayer books (1837 and 1848). Mark A. Noll has written about the checkered history of the King...

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31 Aug 1995

BONUS MATERIAL: Synagogue Life

by John McRay | Issue 47

IN THE ROMAN WORLD, the synagogue was the religious, cultural, and social center of every Jewish community. So most cities had more than one: one study estimates that during the time of Paul, there were 365 synagogues in Jerusalem alone. Besides Sabbath services, the synagogue performed a number of functions.

  1. School . Synagogues served as schools for children, for reading and explaining Scriptures at prayer services, and for regular study periods for adults.
  2. Court . In the synagogue, punishment was administered to offenders of Jewish law....

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