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9 Aug 2017

Recommended resources

by the editors | Issue 123


There are many books about the history of prisons and punishment . Some of the most helpful include Anthony Babington, The Power to Silence (1968);  Blake McKelvey, American Prisons (1977); Nicole Hahn Rafter, Partial Justice (1990); Richard Bauman, Crime and Punishment in Ancient Rome (1999); Mark Colvin, Penitentiaries, Reformatories, and Chain Gangs (1997); Norval Morris and David Rothman, eds., The Oxford History of the Prison (1997); Scott Christianson, With Liberty for Some (1998); Adam Jay Hirsch, The Rise of the Penitentiary ...

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9 Aug 2017

Joys and challenges

by Jim Forbes, Christiana DeGroot, Joe Roche, Jack Heller, Susannah Moore | Issue 123

Jim Forbes is media director at Prison Fellowship.

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship has been going into correctional facilities, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those behind bars, and offering the hope of true transformation. Through the use of Bible-based programming and with the help of thousands of committed volunteers, lives are being changed, hope is being restored, and darkness is being replaced with the promise of a future.

At the same time, we also envision a safer, more redemptive society. With the help of our...

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9 Aug 2017

William Morgan’s gift

by Kevin M. Watson | Issue 123

In 1732 A YOUNG MAN named William Morgan died in Dublin.

The young Irishman had come to Oxford University as a student in 1729. There, amid the usual collegiate crowd more interested in social life than studies, Morgan was two unusual things: a serious student and a serious Christian. He quickly became friends in May 1729 with another young man in the same boat: Charles Wesley (1707–1788).

Charles’s older brother, John (1703–1791), was serving in local church ministry in Epworth and Wroot.When he returned to Oxford in the summer of 1729, he...

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