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9 Aug 2017

Prison as a parish: Christian responses

by Todd V. Cioffi | Issue 123

From Joseph’s imprisonment in Genesis to Satan’s in Revelation, references to prisons fill the Bible. And Christians have spent considerable effort on how best to respond to crime and punishment, imprisonment and release. They have sought to minister to prisoners; they have tried to influence the justice system; and their input became crucial in the rise of the modern-day prison.

proclaiming freedom

Biblical testimony in general speaks little of verdicts of crime and punishment and more of mercy and fellowship. In Genesis we read of...

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8 Aug 2017

Letters to the editor

by various | Issue 123

Many incarcerated individuals receive Christian History, and although we have published their letters before, we decided this time to feature their voices exclusively on our letters to the editor page.


Dear CH , I am greatly enjoying your series on the Reformation. The extensive timeline pull-outs are a wonderful bonus. Please keep me on your subscription list! I am an indigent inmate and I am grateful for your generous gift. God be with you. I am curious if you have ever or soon plan to do an issue on the phenomenon of...

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