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William C. Burns

It Happened Today: William C. Burns Bid His Mother Goodbye (1868)

It is evident what the end must soon be.

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Charles Kingsley

Devotional (2016 church year): Christ does what was prophecied

Eternally, and for ever, in heaven, says St. John, Christ says and is and...

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Death of Harold Lindsell at Lake Forest, California. A fundamentalist controversialist, he was well-known for his book The Battle for the Bible.

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Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Stanley Tam, internationally successful Christian businessman, gives his business to God and will have legal documents drawn up confirming it.

Authority for the date:

Tam, Stanley. God Owns My Business.


Death in New Zealand of evangelist Harry Ironside, who had pastored Moody Church, Chicago, for many years and had authored more than sixty Christian works.

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Standard encyclopedias.


Birth of James Edwin Orr in Belfast, Ireland. January 15th will be an important day in his life: on it he will be converted, married, and ordained.

Authority for the date:

“Highlights in the Life of J. Edwin Orr.”


Chukwujindu “Sampson” Anene brings Christianity to his village of Ohita, which still practiced traditional African religion. The first church service is held in the shade of a big tree in the center of the town. He will see most of his generation converted, establish churches, and start schools.

Authority for the date:

Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Carl F.W. Walther is ordained in Braunsdorf, Saxony. He will become a leading planter of Lutheran churches and schools in the United States.

Authority for the date:

Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Pliny Fisk reaches Smyrna, commencing missionary labors in the Middle East that will take him to Alexandria, Jerusalem, Aleppo, Tripoli, and Beirut. He will distribute four thousand copies of the Bible or parts of Scripture, and twenty thousand tracts.

Authority for the date:

Jessup, Henry. Fifty Three Years in Syria.


Isaac Watts is called as pastor to Newington where he will set a high standard of preaching and overcome the resistance of the established church to the introduction of new hymns.

Authority for the date:

Hatfield, Edwin. The Poets of the Church. New York: Anson D. F. Randolph & Company, 1884.


Jeanne D’Albret, Queen of Navarre, publishes a Code of Ecclesiastical Ordinances, making Huguenot forms mandatory in her province.

Authority for the date:

Anderson, James. Ladies of the Reformation. London: Blackie and Sons, 1857.


Six Protestants are executed by fire at Canterbury for their religious views—Kempe, Waterer, Prowting, Lowick, Hudson, and Hay.

Authority for the date:

Fox, John. Actes and Monuments.


Elizabeth Dirks is arrested in the Netherlands. An Anabaptist, she will make a good confession under severe torture before being drowned.

Authority for the date:

Bainton, Roland. Women of the Reformation.


Death of Ita, who had founded a famous monastery of holy virgins, called Cluain-cred-hail, where she practiced severe mortifications and urged everyone to live perpetually recollected in God as the great means of attaining to perfection.

Authority for the date:

Butler, Alban. The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints.


(traditional date) Death of Paul of Thebes at the remarkable age of one hundred and thirteen years. He had been one of the earliest Christian hermits and friend of Antony of the Desert, and inspired many others to adopt the lifestyle.

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