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Irene Ferrel

It Happened Today: “I Am Finished.” (1964)

She gave her life for Christ too, one terror-filled night.

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Title page of the Pocket Prayer Book

Devotional (2016 church year): The power of God’s promises (1844)

For by these [God’s glory and excellence] He has granted to us His precious...

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United Christian Women are incorporated into a non-profit organization in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to encourage young women to remain strong in faith.

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Death of Oswald J. Smith. He had founded the People’s Church in Toronto, raised millions of dollars to support missions and written thirty-five books which had been translated into one-hundred-and-twenty-eight languages.

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Frederick Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, retires. He had been involved in the translation of the New English Bible and was an advocate for the ordination of women.

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 Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Emmanuel Abraham is elected president of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, a position he will hold for twenty-two years until January 25, 1985. During many of those years, he will also serve as a leading diplomat for Emperor Haile Sellassie and the Ethiopian government.

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Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Death of Walter Lefa Mochochoko, who had been a notable leader in the Anglican Church of South Africa, and then bishop in The African Church. He had spoken out vigorously against the racism practiced in the churches.

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Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Florence Li Tim-Oi is ordained a priest in Hong Kong by Anglican bishop Ronald Hall, the first woman ordained a priest in the Anglican communion.

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Episcopal Church. Holy Women, Holy Men.


Death of Onangwatgo [Cornelius Hill], an Oneida chief and Episcopal priest.

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Muslims in Constantinople behead Auxentius who has refused to convert to Islam despite being beaten with an iron bar.

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Death of Henry Suso, a fanatical ascetic and mystic, who practiced austerities and tortures on himself as penance for twenty-two years. For example, he bound a wooden cross to his back, in which he affixed thirty spikes in memory of Christ’s wounds. On this instrument of torture he stretched himself at night for eight years.

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Schaff, Philip. History of the Christian Church.


Council of Clarendon assembles and King Henry II of England threatens the bishops of the realm with death if they do not yield him more jurisdiction over crimes by clergy. Archbishop Thomas à Becket concedes in order to save lives.

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John Lingard. “Archiepiscopate of Thomas Becket,” in The Great Events by Famous Historians.


Emperor Henry IV submits to Pope Gregory VII at Canossa, Italy, and will be forced to stand for three days barefoot in the snow.

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