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Bakht Singh's tomb

It Happened Today: Bakht Singh Baptized (1932)

He knelt down and immediately he felt the power of Christ.

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First Thoughts.

Devotional (2016 church year): Love Your Neighbor (1874)

The love of our neighbor  is deducible from our love of God. No man who...

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In South Africa, the parents of teenager Manche Masemola kill her and bury her by a granite rock. Masemola had refused to abandon Christianity, worshiping in the Anglican Church at every opportunity. Decades later, she will be honored with a statue at Westminster Abbey.

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Presbyterian ministers Finis Ewing, Samuel King, and Samuel McAdowhe reorganize the Cumberland Presbytery of Kentucky and Tennessee as an independent presbytery.

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Elizabeth Fry, reared a Quaker, has a conversion experience. She will become a notable prison reformer.

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Muslims execute Joseph of Aleppo, claiming he had promised to become a Muslim but reneged. He seals his fate by testifying against Islamic beliefs at his hearing.

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English reformer John Rogers is burned at the stake at Smithfield, the first of many martyrs in the reign of Mary Tudor.

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Death of Christian educator, encyclopedist, and archbishop Rabanus Maurus.

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