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It Happened Today: Paul Miki and Others Accept Martyrdom in Nagasaki (1597)

Hideyoshi feared Christians might serve as a fifth-column.

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Charles Spurgeon

Devotional (2016 church year): Christ Communed with the Father (1869)

At that time Jesus answered ,  Matthew 11:25.

This is a singular way in which...

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Russia’s Communists issue a Decree on the Separation of Church and State that strips the church of legal rights and the power to hold property.

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Death of Pandit Kharah Singh. He had wandered India preaching Christ.

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Fanny Crosby writes her first verses for composer William Bradbury, “A Home Beyond the Tide,” the beginning of a long and fruitful hymnwriting relationship.

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Death in Hackney, of Congregationalist John Pye-Smith who had shown ways of reconciling geology and Scripture and been active on social issues such as the corn laws and slavery.

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Twelve American Congregationalist missionaries first see Africa from the deck of a ship through a mist. Among them is Daniel Lindley who will win renown educating Africans and pleading with the Dutch-descended Boers to ease their inflexible racism.

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Rev. Jonathan Allen preaches a sermon “on the occasion of the young ladies about to embark as wives of Rev. Messieurs Judson and Newell, going Missionaries to India,” “ordaining” Harriet Atwood and Ann Hasseltine as assistant missionaries.

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Death of German theologian and clergyman Philipp Spener, author of Pia desideria. He had been known as the “Father of Pietism.”

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Roger Williams arrives in Massachusetts. Five years later he will flee to Rhode Island after questioning the fusion of church and state in Massachusetts. At Providence, he will establish the first Baptist church in America and his writings on religious liberty will influence the development of religious tolerance in the colonies.

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