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Cyril and Methodius

It Happened Today: Death of Cyril, Apostle to the Slavs (869)

Cyril was especially gifted for intellectual work.

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Christ tempted

Devotional (2016 church year): The First Sunday of Lent (1849)

O Lord, Who for our sake didst fast forty days and forty nights, Give us...

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Andrew Kagura of Kenya is martyred for his outspokeness against the Mau Maus.

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Chen Sulan is shipwrecked and captured by Japan’s secret police while fleeing Japanese invaders. A Methodist, he had fought against his government’s monopolistic sale of opium and established an anti-opium clinic that rehabilitated close to seven thousand addicts. After World War II, he set up a trust that helped the Scripture Union and Methodist groups. He also was a founder of the Chinese YMCA.

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Harvard confirms Henry Ware as Hollis Professor of Divinity. Because he is a Unitarian, denying the full divinity of Christ, Congregationalist teachers, loyal to the doctrine of the Trinity, will begin withdrawing from the school.

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Turks martyr the Orthodox monk Damian after days of torture, complaining that his teaching causes sales to drop on Sunday.

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Protestant reformer Archbishop Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury is degraded from his office with humiliating ceremonies following the rise of the Roman Catholic Mary I to power. Cranmer had incurred the enmity of Mary years earlier when he granted King Henry VIII his divorce from Mary’s mother Catherine.

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Calvin acquires the degree of Licentiate (Bachelor) of Laws at Orleans.

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Martyrdom of Bruno of Querfert (also known as Boniface) and his associates by Lithuanians.

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(traditional date) Valentine, a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, is beheaded along the Flaminian Way.

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