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Philip Melanchthon

It Happened Today: Birth of Reformer Philip Melanchthon (1497)

Like other scholars of the day, Philip Latinized his name.

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Christ in prayer

Devotional (2016 church year): Prayer Imports Blessings (1803)

Men ought always to pray and not to faint , Luke 18:1.

There can be no room...

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Murder of Archbishop Luwum for his Christian faith in Uganda under the brutal dictatorship of Idi Amin.

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Death in Princeton, New Jersey, of B.B. (Benjamin Breckinridge) Warfield, a renowned Calvinist theologian and the author of The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible. Although feeling weak, he had taught classes that day. He had cared for his invalid wife for thirty-nine years after she was struck by lightning.

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Death of Nikolai, archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in Japan.

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The Continent, a Presbyterian periodical, publishes the hymn, “Rise Up, O Men of God,” by William P. Merrill. The words had formed in his mind while he was crossing Lake Michigan on a ferry.

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Conversion of Robert T. Ketcham under the preaching of Harry S. Tillis. He will become a leader in forming the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

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Death from cholera of Koilas Chunder Mookerjee, a young Hindu convert to Christianity who had suffered considerable persecution. Immediately after his baptism he had endeavored to evangelize fellow Indians.

Authority for the date:

Carey, W.H. Oriental Christian Biography. Calcutta, 1850.


Death of non-conformist pastor Francis Bampfield in prison, having been held too long in a damp area. Once a Royalist, his loyalty to the crown had not protected him from the religious persecution of England’s King Charles II. Bampfield dies outside the Church of England, a “non-conformist” committed to Seventh-Day Baptist views.

Authority for the date:

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Pamphilius is beheaded for his Christian faith. He had founded a library in Palestine and trained many pulpils, including Eusebius, the first notable church historian.

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