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Renwick executed

It Happened Today: James Renwick Completes the Tally of Scots Martyrs (1688)

James Renwick was the last of the Covenanter martyrs.

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Parable of the Leaven

Devotional (2016 church year): Make Use of the Least Gift (1877)

The kingdom of heaven is like yeast , St. Matthew 13:33 (NIV).

Thought.— God...

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Death of Richard Wurmbrandt, Romanian-born founder of the Voice of the Martyrs and of ministries to Eastern Europe during the Communist era.

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Death of Orestes (Chornock) of Agathonikeia, who had helped draw thirty-seven Catholic uniate parishes in North America back to Orthodoxy after years of conflict with Rome, which wanted to Latinize the churches and end priestly marriages. Orestes became the first ruling bishop of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese.

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Arrest of Dr. Kao, a Chinese Christian who had moved into the pagan city of Gan-djou to act as a Christian witness. Authorities are angry at him for exposing criminal activities in the city government. He will suffer in jail for many months.

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Death of John Nelson “Praying” Hyde, who had served as a missionary in India. His last words were, “Shout the victory of Jesus Christ!” He had recently undergone surgery for a malignant tumor of the brain.

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Death of Francis Willard, a Methodist crusader for prohibition and women’s rights.

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Representative John Quincy Adams comments in his diary on the overly-crowded conditions of the church that meets inside the Capitol building in Washington.

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Levi Parsons arrives in Jerusalem, the first Protestant missionary to found a permanent mission in that city.

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Methodist evangelist John Wesley becomes ill after preaching at Lambeth and will die on March 2nd.

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Pantheist philosopher and occult practitioner Giordano Bruno is burned alive by secular authorities to whom the Roman Inquisition hands him over after an eight year investigation and trial.

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Death of Finan, bishop of Lindisfarne (an island in the North Sea) who had sought to preserve Celtic customs against Roman influence.

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