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Bust of Diocletian

It Happened Today: Start of Diocletian’s Great Persecution (303)

Galerius, who hated Christianity, urged Diocletian to persecute Christians harshly. 

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Daily Comfort

Devotional (2016 church year): Behold Your Suffering King (1884)

I will strike down the king alone , 2 Samuel 17:2 (NASB).

Let thine hand, I...

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After trying unsuccessfully for many years to stifle Christianity, the government of Bulgaria passes a law acknowledging that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the traditional church of Bulgaria and inseparably united with its history.

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Death of pastor Charles Monroe Sheldon, author of the popular Christian novel In His Steps, from which we get the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Internationally-known evangelist and Bible expositor, Harry A. Ironside, is issued a unanimous call (which he will accept) to pastor the Moody Memorial Bible Church in Chicago.

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Death of Amanda Smith, an African-American evangelist known for her powerful singing. Her autobiography will be frequently referenced in women’s studies.

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Death of Samuel Wolcott, a Congregational clergyman and  author of numerous hymns, among them “Christ for the World We Sing.”

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A longstanding edict against Christianity is revoked in Japan.

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Viscount Dungannon moves a resolution condemning prayer meetings in the theatres of Southern England where revival services are booming.

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Pope Gregory XIII issues his famous bull Inter gravissimas which decrees our present Gregorian calendar.

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