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Charles and Lettie Cowman

It Happened Today: Lettie Burd Cowman (1870)

She compiled a year’s worth of readings, poems, and Bible texts to encourage herself.

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Diary of an Old Soul

Devotional (2016 church year): Will We Be Able to Create? (1860)

And in the perfect time, O perfect God,
When we are in our home, our natal...
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An assembly of priests and lay people from Kenya and Uganda is held in Kampala to reaffirm the particpants’ full support of and attachment to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.

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Joseph Adeyemo Taiwo lays the foundation stone of the Agboye Baptist Church, Oyo. He had a hand in planting this and many other churches for the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

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Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Navigators, an evangelical organization, is founded, but will not be incorporated for another decade.

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Lang, J. Stephen. The Christian History Devotional: 365 Readings & Prayers to Deepen & Inspire Your Faith


Roman Catholics drive two hundred Protestants out of Locarno, Switzerland. They find refuge in Zurich with Henry Bullinger.

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Leben 3 No. 1 (Jan-Mar 2997) 17.

Death of Cunegunda, Queen of Bavaria who had voluntarily embraced humility after the death of her husband, Holy Roman Emperor Henry II. Having entered a convent, she insisted that no one treat her as the empress she had once been, taking the part of a servant and performing the lowest and dirtiest jobs that needed doing. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.