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Gregory the Illuminator

It Happened Today: Gregory the Illuminator (332)

A nurse fled with Gregory to Caesarea in Cappadocia where she brought him up in the knowledge of Christ. 

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Thoughts of Christ for Every Day of the Year

Devotional (2016 church year): Let the Lord Use What We Have

The Lord needs it —Luke 19:34 (NIV).

To say this to the owner of the colt at...

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Arthur Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Pope Paul VI meet and exchange greetings in Rome, the first official meeting between heads of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in more than four hundred years.

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Delegates of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church elect Joseph A. Beebe, of North Carolina, and L. H. Holsey, of Georgia, to be bishops.

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The Methodist Episcopal Woman’s Board in Boston organizes the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society.

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Death in Amsterdam of Johann Jakob Wettstein, a notable theologian and Bible scholar, accused of heterodox views by Reformed scholars but accepted by Remonstrants (Arminians).

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After languishing in prison seven years, John Greenwood and Henry Barrowe are brought to trial, charged with “publishing and dispensing seditious books.” While in prison they had written against Queen Elizabeth’s ecclesiastical supremacy.

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Zurich leaders execute two Anabaptists by drowning, Heinrich Karpfis and Hans Herzog. These are the last of six such executions at Zurich.

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Jean Charlier Gerson, speaking at the Council of Constance, asserts that a pope may be forced to abdicate and that general councils are above popes.

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Pope John XXII excommunicates Louis IV of Bavaria, Holy Roman Emperor, for exercising imperial rights when the pope had ordered him not to.

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Last day for Waldenses and other “heretics” to leave the dominions of Pedro II, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona. Following this date, every “heretic” is liable to burn at the stake and have his/her property confiscated.

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