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Lillian Trasher

It Happened Today: Outpouring of the Spirit on Trasher’s Orphanage (1927)

She acquired the nickname “Mother of the Nile.”

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A. B. Simpson

Devotional (2016 church year): Find Your Way to the Heart of Christ (1897)

In Him we live and move —Acts 17:28.

The hand of Gehazi, and even the staff...

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Death of Johnny Hart, following a stroke. He had created the popular comic strip B.C. (featuring Stone Age characters) through which he sometimes expressed evangelical Christian beliefs after his conversion.

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Repose (death) of Savvas the New, patron saint of the Greek island Kalymnos. An ascetic, he had been priest and spiritual father of the nuns of the Convent of All Saints but was also known for painting icons.

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Formation of the National Association of Evangelicals at Hotel Coronado in St. Louis Missouri. Rev. J. Elwin Wright delivers the opening address of a three-day conference. Evangelicals are there to find common ground to fight against evil forces, he says, and to seek ways to fight for Christ aggressively and unitedly.

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Assassination of Liu Zhan’en, a Christian educator and philanthropist. After serving as the educational director of the Chinese YMCA, he had become president of the University of Shanghai. Among his many other contributions had been an active role in forming the Chinese Baptist Alliance. When the Japanese invaded China, he organized resistance against them, which is believed to have brought about his death.

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Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity.


“German Christians” apply the Nazis Aryan clause to the church, effectively barring Jews (and individuals of Jewish descent) from holding church offices.

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Christian History 32 (1991).


Death of John Norton Loughborough, a leader in the early Seventh-day Adventist movement, and their first historian.

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Deaconess Elizabeth Fedde writes in her diary, “A terrible day. Board meeting, and I have been left in a powerless position. This is the hardest time I have had in America, and the appeal for help is in danger. God be merciful! I have the whole board against me and everything is wrong and I wish I were dead. God be merciful to me, a sinner!”

Authority for the date:

Fedde, Elizabeth. Diary. 1888.


Death of Abigail Bradley Hyde in Andover, Massachusetts. She had written a number of hymns including “Dear Savior, if These Lambs Should Stray.”

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Death in Calcutta from cholera of Mahendra Lal Basak, a promising minister and educator who had given up caste, family, and friends to follow Christ.

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Oriental Christian Biography.


Premier of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis (Solemn Mass) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Arrival in what is now New York of Dominie Jonas Michaelius, the first Dutch Reform pastor in the New Nederlands.

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“The (Collegiate) Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Of the City of New York.”


John Hooper declines the bishopric of Gloucester because he does not believe it is right for him to don the required vestments. He will be placed under house arrest and finally actually imprisoned, after which he will relent and accept consecration. During the persecutions under Mary Tudor, he will be burned to death as a heretic.

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Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


Death of Friedrich Myconius, an associate of Martin Luther who had brought the Reformation to Thuringia and labored throughout Germany and Switzerland.

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On his thirty-fifth birthday, Jesuit priest Francis Xavier preaches in Portugal while his ship prepares to sail for India. Word is brought him of a youth mortally wounded in a duel. Xavier hurries to the young man’s side and pleads with him to forgive his opponent. The dying duelist is unwilling. “Will you pardon him if God grants you life?” asks the priest. “Yes,” whispers the dying youth. “Then you will recover,” says Xavier, and the young man does.

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A trial by fire is arranged between Fra Domenico, one of Girolamo Savonarola’s followers, and another monk. When Savonarola will not allow Fra Domenico to undertake the ordeal, he loses his influence in Florence.

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