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Lelia Naylor Morris

It Happened Today: Lelia Naylor Born to Sing (1862)

 Soon the songs she sang were songs of faith.

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Charles Kingsley

Devotional (2016 church year): Expect Much (1885)

Expect great things from God, and also expect the least things, for the...

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Death of Wang Liming in a communist labor camp, where she had been imprisoned on spurious evidence. When taken from her family she had declared, “I am carrying the cross of Jesus Christ.” Wang had been head of the Chinese branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and active in much Christian work and in women’s causes.

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Baptism at Wheaton College of Dayuma, the Waodani (Auca) woman whose conversion helped win her tribe to Christ.

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Baba Ezra Dikki is posted to Majinga among the Kambari people of Niger State, Nigeria. He worked among this group for twenty-four years, extending the Christian church. A student commented that Dikki’s heart was always broken by the things that break the heart of Jesus.

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Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Thirty-six leading members of religious orders in Hungary send a protest letter to the Hungarian government for abuses done to their orders by the government.

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Death at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, of Alda Marguerite Milner-Barry, author of the hymn “Sing the Joy of Easter Day.” She had lectured on English in British colleges and universities.

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Death of Joseph Damien, a Belgian missionary to lepers on Molokai, Hawaii. This Roman Catholic priest, who had transformed living conditions for the victims of leprosy, dies with the disease. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Friedrich Kiel’s oratorio Christus is given by the Oratorio Society, New York City. Keil wrote in a Romantic style.

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Canadians hold a day of thanksgiving in gratitude for the recovery of Prince Edward (future King Edward VII) from a serious illness.

Authority for the date:


In Hartford, Connecticut, American clergyman Thomas H. Gallaudet and deaf Frenchman Laurent Clerc open the first American school for the deaf —the American Asylum.

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Death of John Marrant, an African-American Methodist minister and missionary who had written three books about his experiences as a preacher with the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion.

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Dictionary of Canadian Biography.


Death of Elder Basil of Poiana Marului. He renovated the Skete there (a skete is a settlement of Eastern Orthodox monks dependent on a parent monastery) and gained renown for his austerities, focus on Scripture, and insistence on true repentance.

Authority for the date: 


Burial of George Calvert at St. Dunstan’s Church, England. He obtained the charter for the colony of Maryland, intending to make it a home for Roman Catholic refugees from England.

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Death in Rome of Robert Parsons, formerly a leader of the English Jesuits and author of the spiritual treatise The Christian Directory.

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John Gerard, Jesuit, is tortured in the Tower of London for refusing to betray fellow Catholics. He later escapes.

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King Edward VI grants royal assent to a new version of The Book of Common Prayer, the second of his reign.

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Benton, J.H. The Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Growth. Boston, 1910.


Deadline given the Protestants by Emperor Charles V to accept his religious terms, eliciting Melanchthon’s Apology in response and causing the Lutherans to organize a defense league.

Authority for the date:

Schaff, Philip. History of the Christian Church.


Death of Richard Poore, bishop of Salisbury. He had been an opponent of pluralities (holding more than one church office at a time), and deeply concerned with the care and teaching of children, developing a system under which some children were taught to teach others basic doctrine and prayer. He had his clergy remind families every Sunday that small children should not be left unattended in a house where there was fire or water to endanger them. At Salisbury, he endowed some schoolmasters with benefices to teach boys. He is most often remembered, however, for his role in erecting Salisbury Cathedral.

Authority for the date:

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The seven martyrs of Samos are incarcerated for refusing to offer pagan sacrifices and will remain imprisoned until late in June when they will be brought before the Emperor Maximian, reduced to little more than skeletons. Finally they will be crucified.

Authority for the date:

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