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John Knox.

It Happened Today: John Knox and the Scottish Reformation (1559)

John Knox is nearly synonymous with the Scottish Reformation and early Presbyterianism.

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Jonathan Edwards

Devotional (2016 church year): Holiness Appeared Sweet (1892)

The imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in...

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Lin Xiangao (Samuel Lamb) is arrested in Guangzhou for holding house church services. He had already served two sentences in prison for resisting Chinese laws against giving religious instruction to the young and refusal to submit to the government-run Three Self Patriotic Church.

Authority for the date:

Lawrence, Carl. The Church in China. Minneapolis MN: Bethany, 1985.


Death of Matrona of Moscow (Matryona Nikonova) who had been born blind and early showed an ability to prophesy. She had adhered to the faith of the Orthodox Church despite being rendered homeless by the Soviets, and people had concealed her whereabouts so that she was never arrested and sent to the Gulag. She will be named a saint by her church.

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Death in England of Samuel Leigh, who had been the first Methodist missionary to Australia and had also served in New Zealand.

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Joan Boucher is burned to death in England for denying that the Virgin Mary was sinless. When a bishop preached at her execution, trying to convert her, she told him he “lied like a rogue” and bade him “go and read the Scriptures.” Authority for the date:
Death of Athanasius. More than any other man, he took up the fight for Christ’s divinity in his writings. Five times he had been forced into exile. Slander dogged him. Yet he remained faithful to his vision of an uncreated Christ. He was the first to list the books of the New Testament as we know them. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.