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Martyn Lloyd-Jones

It Happened Today: Lloyd-Jones’ Last Sermon (1980)

Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached his last sermon at the opening of a chapel.

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In the Hour of Silence

Devotional (2016 church year): The Tongue Is a Restless Evil (1899)

A gentle tongue is a tree of life —Proverbs 15:4 (ESV).

How many are the...

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Death of H. R. Mackintosh, a Church of Scotland theologian, and professor of systematic theology at New College, Edinburgh, until a year before his death. His wrote The Doctrine of the Person of Jesus Christ, carefully assessing theologies and heresies regarding the understanding of Christ’s incarnation and arguing for the kenotic theory.

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Dr. John Scudder and his associates Spaulding, Winslow and Woodward, with their wives, sail from Boston on the brig Indies, bound for Calcutta as missionaries. Scudder will be especially influential because he is a medical doctor and surgeon. His daughter Ida will in due course also become a notable medical missionary.

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Creegan, Charles C. Pioneer Missionaries of the Church.


Death at Halle of Christian pastor and philanthropist August Hermann Francke.

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Seven bishops who refuse to violate the English constitution by accepting an arbitrary Declaration of Indulgence promulgated by King James II without parliamentary approval, are arrested and taken to the Tower of London. They will be found not guilty when tried.

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The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.

John Yukinoura Jirocmon is executed on the remote Japanese island of Nakai no shima. He dies saying, “From here it is not far to Paradise.” Authority for the date: Turnbull, Stephen. The Kakure Kirishitan of Japan. Japan Library, 1998.

Viking raiders devastate the Christian community on Lindisfarne island by looting and slaughter.

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