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Icon of Gregory Palamas

It Happened Today: Gregory Palamas Defended the Uncreated Light of God (1341)

Gregory Palamas defended the theological idea of an uncreated light of God.

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Days of Heaven upon Earth

Devotional (2016 church year): Can You Trust for Daily Needs? (1897)

Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things —Matthew 6:32...

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The East German Communist government announces that its attack on churches is over. It had tried repeatedly to force youth to renounce the Lutheran Junge Gemeinde [young people’s organizations], but hundreds had bravely remained in the church groups.

Authority for the date:

Shuster, George Nauman. Religion Behind the Iron Curtain. Greenwood Press Reprint, 1978.


Death of American hymnwriter Edwin O. Excell. Converted at a Methodist revival, Excell had turned his energies toward sacred music. For the rest of his life he will be active in the publication of gospel songbooks and Sunday school conventions. Among his popular tunes are those to which we sing “Since I Have Been Redeemed,” “I'll Be a Sunbeam,” and “Count Your Blessings.”

Authority for the date:

Standard encyclopedias.


Chinese soldiers and revolutionaries known as Boxers surround the home of the Orthodox priest Fr. Mitrophan about ten at night, having burned his church a week and a half earlier. They torture Mitrophan and the Christians assembled at his house, primarily women and children. Finally Boxers puncture his chest and he dies under a date tree.

Authority for the date:

Death of Friedrich A. G. Tholuck, German Lutheran Bible scholar and theologian. He had done much to check rationalistic scholarship in Germany within the Lutheran church. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Joseph Tarkington joins the Methodist Church. He will become a Methodist circuit rider and the grandfather of the novelist Booth Tarkington.

Authority for the date:

Kimbrough, David L. Reverend Joseph Tarkington, Methodist Circuit Rider

Fénelon is consecrated archbishop of Cambrai. Authority for the date: Mudge, James. Fénelon: the Mystic. Cincinnati: Jennings & Graham, 1906.