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John Hunt

It Happened Today: John Hunt Born (1812)

Hunt wore himself out trying to bring the Fiji islanders to a knowledge of Christ.

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Diary of an Old Soul

Devotional (2016 church year): God Doesn’t Speed up for Fools (1860)

Faster no step moves God because the fool
Shouts to the universe, “God there...
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A World Missionary Conference is called to order this evening at the Assembly Hall of the United Free Church of Scotland. Lord Balfour of Burleigh reads greetings from world leaders and the delegates arise spontaneously to sing “God Save the King.” The conference will run for ten days.

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David E. Campbell, missionary to India, with his wife and two children are put to death by Nana Sahib, a rebel chief. Authority for the date:

William Carey and his family sail for India, accompanied by John Thomas. They will do notable mission work there.

Authority for the date:

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Death of Elizabeth Scott, a hymnwriter whose most notable hymn was based on Psalm 3:5 and titled “Morning Hymn.”

Authority for the date:

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In Germany, John Henry Schramm ordains Philip William Otterbein, who will become a notable evangelist and leader of the United Brethren movement in America.

Authority for the date:

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German reformer, Martin Luther, formerly a monk, marries Katherine von Bora, formerly a nun, who had escaped from her convent in a fish barrel.

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Death of Anthony of Padua, who had been a notable Franciscan preacher and wonder worker.

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Beheading in Toledo of Fandila, a priest of Tabanos, who had reviled Muhammed.

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Edict of Milan is proclaimed by Licinius when he enters Nicomedia.

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