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Count von Zinzendorf

It Happened Today: Moravians Settle at Herrnhut (1722)

A few Moravians ended up at Zinzendorf’s front door—with astonishing results. 

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Octavius Winslow

Devotional (2016 church year): Give to Get (1856)

You meet him who joyfully works righteousness, those who remember you in...

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Jiang Zongxiu, a 34 year old mother and wife in China is arrested and beaten for distributing Christian literature in a marketplace. She will die the next day. Authority for the date: Voice of the Martyrs, special issue 2005.

Muslims in al-Zawya Alhamra, a Coptic district of Cairo, attempt to seize a Coptic businessman’s land to build a mosque. Armed with machine guns, knives, crowbars, and other weapons they attack Christians and their property over a two day period, destroying one hundred and fifty homes and shops and murdering more than a hundred Christians, several by burning them alive. Afterward, foreign correspondents will be barred from photographing the carnage or interviewing the relatives of the victims or eyewitnesses.

Authority for the date:

Bistawros, Baheg T. The Coptic Christians of Egypt Today Under Threat of Annihilation.


Founding of the Thomas Road Baptist Church by  Jerry Falwell and his associates.

Authority for the date:


Evangelist Paul Rader makes the first of many radio broadcasts to generate publicity for his evangelistic meetings. 

Authority for the date:

Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals.


James Theodore Augustus Holly, an African-American, is ordained as a deacon at St. Matthew’s Church, Detroit. Nineteen years later, he will become the first African-American missionary-bishop of the Episcopal Church (for Haiti).

Authority for the date:

Episcopal Church. Holy Women, Holy Men.

Death of Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon, a lifelong supporter of revival leaders and Methodists. Hours before her death of a ruptured blood vessel, she had whispered, “I shall go to my father tonight.” Authority for the date: Dictionary of National Biography.

In Norwalk, after singing and praying, Jesse Lee preaches his first sermon in Connecticut (out of doors because no one will let him borrow a house or barn), taking as his theme, “You must be born again.” He will establish Methodist churches throughout New England.

Authority for the date:

Lee, Jesse. Memoir of the Rev. Jesse Lee. New York: Arno Press, 1969.


Performance of Bach’s first sacred cantata “Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis,” BWV 21 (“My Heart Was Full of Heaviness,”) after a clash with the elders at Halle.

Authority for the date:

Upton, George P. The Standard Cantatas.


Emperor Julian “the Apostate” orders that all professors and schoolmasters must obtain a license before teaching—thus excluding Christians from educating youth.

Authority for the date:

Frend, W. H. C. The Early Church. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1965.