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Constantine the Great

It Happened Today: Council of Nicaea Prepares a Creed (325)

A theological battle that even co-opted popular songs evoked imperial intervention.

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Companions of the Way

Devotional (2016 church year): True Faith Has Real Power (1908)

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for —Hebrews 11:1 (NASB).


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The Ecuadorian Christian and Missionary Alliance celebrates with  U.S. and Canadian missionaries in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Pastor David Muthre, president of the national church, gives thanks that one hundred and twelve years earlier, George Fisher, J. A. Strain, and F. W. Farnol undertook the evangelization of Ecuador, followed by other Alliance missionaries, including Homer Criswell, who, in 1922, built the first evangelical church in Quito despite fierce opposition.

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Father’s Day, conceived by Mrs. John B. Dodd, is first observed in Spokane, Washington at the proclamation of the mayor. It will later become a national holiday in the United States.

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Death of Lord Acton, a Catholic historian famed for his saying “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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A local council meets and recommends that the connection between Jonathan Edwards and Northhampton church be dissolved. Edwards will be dismissed three days later and will preach his farewell sermon on 1 July.

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David Brainerd commences his influential journal when he begins to preach to the Indians at Crossweeksung (in New Jersey).

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The pastor of the Salem, Massachusetts church suggests to his congregation that the New England Psalm book be used in those cases where Mr. Ainsworth's translation has tunes too difficult for the church people.

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Jean de Brebeuf, French Jesuit priest and missionary, arrives in Quebec, Canada. He will be martyred while ministering to Indians.

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Richard Fitz and several other separatists are arrested in Plumber’s Hall, London, holding a meeting under guise of a wedding. This will be regarded as a red-letter day in the formation of the Congregationalist movement.

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Martin Luther writes from Coburg to his son Hans, telling him of a glorious garden to which he will be admitted if he behaves well, learns his lessons, and says his prayers.

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Girolamo Savonarola publishes a letter against his recent excommunication, saying it was fraudulently obtained and arguing that the judgment against him is null and void.

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(traditional) Death of Romuald. Shocked at seeing his father kill a man in a duel, he became an abbot and went on to found several monasteries in Italy and eventually also the very strict Order of Camaldoli. He was so strict that his monks rebelled against him and smeared him with lies, but his own father followed his example and become a monk, too.

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