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It Happened Today: A Book to Unify Lutherans (1580)

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Devotional (2016 church year): Faith Gets the Credit (1865)

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In the ruling Engel v. Vitale, the United States Supreme court bans official prayers in public schools on a case brought from New York, saying that such prayers are unconstitutional as a violation of the separation of church and state. Authority for the date: ENGEL v. VITALE, 370 U.S. 421 (1962)
Myrtle Wilson and a group of women who want to be missionaries in Africa pray for funds. Within a month they receive enough money to sail for their destination. Authority for the date: Robert, Dana L. American Women in Mission. Mercer University Press, 1997.

English pioneer missionary J. Hudson Taylor, unable to bear the thought of millions perishing in the east, prays for twenty-four willing and skillful workers, and founds the China Inland Mission (later known as OMF—the Overseas Missionary Fellowship International).

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Ludwig Nommensen lands on the island of Sumatra to begin the mission work for which he will be famous.

Authority for the date:


The Byzantine chapel named Bogdan Serai, used by Christian envoys to the Turkish Porte, is destroyed in a fire.

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Death of David Chytraeus who had played an important role in the writing of the Lutheran Church’s Formula of Concord.

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Fifty years after the presentation of the Augsburg Confession, the Book of Concord is made available to the public.

Authority for the date:


The leaders of the Reformation present the Augsburg Confession to Emperor Charles V—an explanation of the position and beliefs of Lutherans.

Authority for the date:



The Council of Basel proclaims that it has cast down Pope Eugenius, calling him a disturber of the peace, a simoniac, perjurer, incorrigible, schismatic, heretical, and errant in faith.

Authority for the date:

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Death of William of Vercelli, the founder of the Hermits of Monte Vergine, also known as Williamites.

Authority for the date:

Death of Irish missionary Moluag (also known as Lugaidh and by other names). A contemporary of Columba, he had introduced Christianity to the Island of Lismore and parts of northeastern Scotland. Authority for the date: Annals of Ulster.

(probable date) Lucius becomes bishop of Rome.

Authority for the date:

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