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Cyril of Alexandria

It Happened Today: Cyril of Alexandria, Theologian (444)

When Antioch and Alexandria butted heads, Cyril determined to come out on top.

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Daily Thoughts for a Child

Devotional (2016 church year): Ask for the Promised Spirit (1869)

What is it to have God’s Holy Spirit, then? I will tell you. When a child...

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The “Moscow Seven,” Siberian believers, take refuge at the United States' embassy in Moscow. Authority for the date: Pollock, John Charles. The Siberian Seven. Word Books, 1980.

Death of James Moffatt, who had made a new translation of the New Testament and taught church history.

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Death of James Mountain, an English evangelist and writer of hymn tunes. His most famous pieces had been the tunes to which we sing “Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting” and “Like a River Glorious.”

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Launch of the Strathcona, mission boat of Wilfred Grenfell for his Labrador work. The ship is named for a key donor and christened by Lady Curzon-Howe.

Authority for the date:

Grenfell, Wilfred. A Labrador Doctor.


Ordination of Onangwatgo [Cornelius Hill] as an Episcopal deacon. In 1903 this Oneida chief will be the first member of the Oneida nation ordained as a priest.

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Death of Cyrus Kingsbury a Presbyterian missionary to the Choctaw Indians. He had also raised money to free African-American slaves.

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Twenty-six-year-old James Upton is ordained as pastor of the Baptist Church in Greenwalk, London, which has only twelve members. Fourteen years later it will have grown to 290. Upton will also write hymns.

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Burrage, Henry S. Baptist Hymnwriters and Their Hymns. Portland, Maine: Brown, Thurston and Co., 1888.


Sultan Murad IV has Patriarch Cyril (Lucaris) of Constantinople strangled and his body thrown into the Bosporus. Cyril was the foremost Orthodox leader of the seventeenth century, although he caused controversy by adopting Calvinist ideas, later repudiated by an Orthodox synod. He had also served as Patriarch of Alexandria.

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