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Dan Beach Bradley

It Happened Today: Pioneer Medical Missionary Dan Beach Bradley (1834)

Dan Beach Bradley went to Siam as a medical missionary but did far more.

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Daily Readings for a Year

Devotional (2016 church year): Don’t lay up treasures on earth

Read Matthew 6:19-24.

[Christ] would not have anyone limit his desires by...

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Execution by Communists in Tomsk province (Siberia) of Constantine Victorovich Korostelov and Nicholas Victorovich Korostelov, two brothers who are Orthodox priests.

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Moss, Vladimir. Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Urals, Siberia, and Central Asia.


At Zang Xien, China, Wang Ming-dao preaches his first public sermon, taking as his text, “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.” He will become the “father” of China’s house church movement, rejecting assimilation into the official Communist-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Church system.

Authority for the date:

Lyall, Leslie T. Three of China’s Mighty Men.


William Booth preaches the first of nine sermons in a ragged tent pitched on an unused Quaker graveyard. The name of his organization is the East London Christian Mission, precursor of the Salvation Army.

Authority for the date:

Hattersley, Roy. Blood and Fire: William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army. Doubleday, 1999.


Sarah Davis Comstock, her husband Grover, and other missionaries sail from Boston aboard the Cashmere for Burma. Sarah’s death of dysentery nine years later will, because of her many acts of kindness, lead several Burmese to commit themselves to Christ.

Authority for the date:

Eddy, Daniel C. Daughters of the Cross.


French Jesuit Isaac Jogues arrives in Quebec, where he will be martyred.

Authority for the date:

O'Brien, John A. The American Martyrs. New York: Aplleton, Century, Crofts, 1953.


Death of Antonio de Lebrija at Alcala, Spain. A student of languages, he had published a Latin-Spanish and Spanish-Latin lexicon, worked on the Complutensian polyglot, and labored to improve the text of the Vulgate as well as writing a history of Ferdinand and Isabella.

Authority for the date:

Schaff, Philip. New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.


William Tyndale is created an MA. He will place the Bible above philosophy and make an English translation of God’s word that will become the basis of the Authorized version.

Authority for the date:

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation.


Terrified by a thunderstorm, Martin Luther vows to become a monk and soon afterward enters the order of Augustinian Hermits.

Authority for the date:

Christian History 34 (1992).


Death of St. Swithun. Hardly mentioned in his own day, his name will be invoked in church reform a century after his death, giving rise to many legends, as that he asked to be buried where “passersby might tread on his grave and where the rain from the eaves might fall upon it.”

Authority for the date:

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