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Emperor Commodus

It Happened Today: Twelve Martyrs at Scilli (180)

All they had to do was swear the emperor was divine.

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Daily Meditations

Devotional (2016 church year): Lord, grant us full assurance (1670)

Whilst in this world I stay, some hopes have I
That I shall reign in Heaven...
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Death of Evangeline Cory Booth, Salvation Army general. The daughter of founder William Booth, Evangeline had supervised the field operations of the Army in Great Britain, Canada, and Alaska. In 1904 she had been promoted to head the American branch of the denomination. Among her contributions was authorship of many popular Salvation Army hymns. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Abraham of Travancore becomes metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church of India, sometimes called the “Syrian” church. 

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Eddy, Sherwood. Pathfinders of the World Mission Crusade.


Ying Lianzhi, a Catholic convert in Nanjing, publishes the first issue of a newspaper called Da Gong Bao that will deal with such controversial issues as missionary attitudes toward the Chinese. He will also become a co-fonder of Fu Jen University.

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Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity.


Confirmation of sixteen-year-old Frances Havergal in Worcester Cathedral. She becomes a notable hymnwriter, author of “Take My Life and Let it Be” among many others.

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Companion to the Lutheran Hymnal.


Theodore Fliedner, accompanied by four deaconesses, reaches Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where William Passavant, who had requested he establish a deaconess work in America, is awaiting him.

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Bancroft, Jane M. Deaconesses in Europe.


Death of William White, American patriarch of the Episcopalians. It was White who coined the name ‘Protestant Episcopal’ for the American church when it separated from the Church of England.

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Standard encyclopedias.


Baptism of Indian convert Radhu Das, having abandoned his high caste, his idolatry, and his self-righteous acts. He will become an educator and then a merchant, respected for his integrity and his passion to win souls.

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Oriental Christian Biography.


Death of Samuel Medley, an English Baptist preacher. Converted after reading a sermon by Isaac Watts, Medley had pastored two different Baptist churches in Liverpool between 1767-99. “O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth,” one of his hymns, will be sung for centuries.

Authority for the date:


During the Fourth Crusade, a two-pronged Venetian and French assault captures the towers of Constantinople. The usurper Alexius III flees the city.

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