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Oswald Chambers

It Happened Today: Oswald Chambers Greets the Dawn (1874)

Suffering years without any sense of Christ, he was filled with the Spirit and eventually delivered talks that became a spiritual classic.

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A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day in the Year

Devotional (2016 church year): Jesus is more than a man (1885)

That form of teaching which deals with our Lord simply as a man—a great,...

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In the wee hours of the morning, five men break into the residence of Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican bishop of Jos, Nigeria and threaten to kill him, the second attempt on his life in eighteen months. Inexplicably, they release him, but ransack his house for valuables.

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George W. Hensley, founder of a Pentecostal snake handling movement in Appalachia is bitten, refuses treatment as with previous bites, and dies the next day, aged seventy-five. Snake handlers believe that Mark 16:17-18 is to be embraced literally by all Christians.

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The Rhineland women’s auxiliary joins the Westphalian auxiliary in backing the Barmen declaration of the confessing church which resisted the Nazis.

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Death of Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, American theologian, pastor, and author of a popular reference Bible.

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The Philippine Commission, appointed by the President of the United States, passes ACT #1376 for the speedy disposition of controversies related to church property, convents, etc. When the United States took over the Philippines from Spain, property problems had devolved upon it.

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Orthodox bishop Theophan the Recluse bids his diocese at Vladimir farewell and enters a life of seclusion at Vysha Monastery, to devote himself to prayer, writing spiritual books, and answering the letters of spiritual inquirers.

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Death of Fitch Waterman Taylor. A clergyman, he had sailed as a chaplain and written several books recounting his naval experiences, including The Flag Ship and The Broad Pennant.

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Death in Philadelphia of Joseph Pilmore. He had been one of the first two Methodist lay missionaries sent to America by John Wesley, but left the Methodists when John Wesley separated from the Church of England. Pilmore then had become a priest in the Episcopal Church.

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Cencio Savelli is consecrated Pope Honorius III. During his eleven-year pontificate, he will confirm two well-known religious orders: the Dominicans in 1216 and the Franciscans in 1223.

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