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Edith Stein

It Happened Today: Edith Stein Gassed at Auschwitz (1942)

Although converts to Christianity, Edith and Rosa died as Jews.

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Devotional (2016 church year): Christ was without sin (1856)

What the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God...

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Zareef Moreed Iskander, a Christian building contractor from Beni Khalid, Egypt, is murdered by militant Muslims, who accuse him of working on a church without a building permit.

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St. Herman, “Wonderworker of All America,” is glorified with a solemn liturgy at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral on Kodiak Island, Alaska, with simultaneous rites taking place at other Orthodox centers.

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Episcopal Church. Holy Women, Holy Men.


Arrest of Jesuit bishop Tsiang Beda of Shanghai. Chinese officials had asked him to head China’s state-run church and he refused. He will die in prison.

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The United States drops an atomic bomb on Urakami (Nagasaki), killing many Christians. One who survived was Fujie. She found her cousin Sojiro so burned she could only guess who he was from the shape of his lips. “Ah, Fujie,” he said. “Take me to the church...I want to confess to the father. I want the sacrament.” After helping him to the priest, she went back to search for her mother but discovered that the elderly woman, who had spent much of her time in prayer, had been vaporized.

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Death of hymnwriter William H. Draper at Clifton, Bristol. He had translated into English the hymn “All Creatures of Our God and King” by Francis of Assisi.

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Death of Robert Moffat, pioneer missionary to southern Africa. The father-in-law of David Livingstone, one of his achievements was to translate the Bible into the Sechvana language.

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Death of Karl F. A. Guetzlaff, first German Lutheran missionary to China, in Victoria, Hong Kong. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Mary Groves Müller gives birth to a still-born babe. Her husband chides himself for not having more seriously considered the peril of child-bearing so as to pray more earnestly, and acknowledges that he has not rejoiced in the prospect of parenthood as a blessing but rather dreaded it as a burden and hindrance in the Lord’s work.

Authority for the date:

Pierson, A.T. George Müller of Bristol.


French bishops declare Pope Urban VI’s election invalid because of the mob pressure put on them to elect an Italian pope. However, Urban’s overbearing behavior is the real reason for the action. Thus begins the Great Schism in which two and three popes rule at once.

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Pope Innocent IV approves Clare’s rule for the Poor Clares.

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