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Balthasar Hubmaier

It Happened Today: Martyr Synod in Augsburg (1527)

That meeting was known as the “Martyr Synod” because most of those in attendance would die as martyrs within five years.

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Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

Devotional (2016 church year): A family Is of Great Value

What a humble, what a modest sphere for the exercise of faith! One would...

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Jonathan Myrick Daniels, a theological student in the Episcopal Church, is killed by a shotgun blast. Released from jail just that morning (he had been locked up for participation in a march against segregation), he died while shielding an African-American woman from the gunman.

Authority for the date:

Episcopal Church. Holy Women, Holy Men.


Death in Jacksonville, Florida, of J. Frank Norris, a controversial fundamentalist Baptist pastor, radio speaker, and editor, who at various times had been charged with arson, perjury, libel, and murder—the last for killing an opponent in his church office, claiming self defense.

Authority for the date:


Kenneth Pike crosses into Mexico for the first time as a missionary. Later he will become a trail-blazing linguist and a founder of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Authority for the date: Pike, Eunice. Ken Pike: Scholar and Christian. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1981.

Death in Winnipeg of Robert McDonald, who had been an Anglican missionary and gifted linguist, evangelizing among First Nation peoples of Canada, particularly in the northwest Arctic.

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Althea Brown, African-American, sails for Africa as a missionary where she will die of malaria and sleeping sickness after years of useful work which will include study of African languages.

Authority for the date:

Jacobs, Sylvia M. Black Americans & the Missionary Movement in Africa. Greenwood, 1982.


The first World’s Conference of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) takes place in Paris under the title Conference Universelle des Unions Christiennes de Jeunes Gens, and will adopt the historic Paris “basis,” which seeks to unite in common effort all members who believe in and serve Christ, adding “Any differences of opinion on other subjects, however important in themselves, shall not interfere with the harmonious relations of the constituent members and associates of the World Alliance.”

Authority for the date:

Leete, Frederick DeLand. Christian Brotherhoods. Cincinnati: Jennings & Graham, 1912.


Death from cholera of Ganga Narayan Sil, a learned convert from Hinduism, who had become a street preacher to Hindus and Muslims.

Authority for the date:

Carey, W.H. Oriental Christian Biography. Calcutta: J. Thomas, 1850.


Death of Pitambara Singha from an asthmatic complaint. He had first read about salvation in a Baptist tract printed at Serampore and had immediately visited the mission there, becoming a faithful convert, Christian author, and evangelist.

Authority for the date:

Carey, W.H. Oriental Christian Biography. Calcutta: J. Thomas, 1850.


Martyrdom of Theocharis of Neopolis, an Orthodox Christian. The governor of Nevsehir in the Ottoman Empire had offered him his daughter in marriage on condition he convert to Islam. Offended by Theocharis’ refusal, he tortures and executes him.

Authority for the date:


Diet of Odense allows Lutherans in Denmark. Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.

Death of Gerhard Groot, founder of the Brethren of the Common Life. This movement invited laymen to a life of spirituality and simplicity.

Authority for the date:

Standard encyclopedias.

Death of Bernard of Clairvaux, French theologian, monastic reformer, and hymn writer. Authority for the date: New Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967.

Death of St. Philibert of France, abbot and monastic founder, particularly associated with Jumiéges Abbey.

Authority for the date:

Probable date.

Murder of King Oswin, who had renounced his throne to save bloodshed, but was betrayed. Authority for the date: Parker, Anselm. “St. Oswin.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 11. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1911.