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It Happened Today: C. S. Lewis Came to Christ in a Sidecar (1931)

Lewis converted to Christianity in the sidecar of his brother Warnie’s motorbike.

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My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

Devotional (2016 church year): God hangs great weights on slender wires (1914)

Read 1 Kings 17:1-16.

What marvelous “coincidences” are prepared by...

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A quarter of a million Christians clog the streets of Hyderabad, India, to pay their final respects to evangelist Bakht Singh who is being buried. Inching along the funeral route, they hold aloft Bibles and Scripture banners, singing and praising God.

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Death of Ralph Adams Cram, a fervent Anglo-Catholic who had been prominent in ecclesiastical architecture, applying revived English Gothic architectural style to churches in the United States.

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Death of Huang Naishang, who had labored as a pastor, Bible translator, YMCA director, newspaper editor, reformer, educator, and advisor to various governments. As he lies dying, he asks his wife to hold up a picture of Christ for him to see and then to place it on his chest.

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Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity.

Death of Charlotte Elliott, English devotional writer and author of the poignant hymn, “Just As I Am.” Authority for the date: Standard Encyclopedias.

Adams Gertner, founder of the Baptist movement in Latvia, performs his first baptism through faith (i.e.: adult baptism) in Latvia, immersing seventy-two converts in the Ziros river.

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“Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Russia.”


Charles Carter arrives in Ceylon as a missionary for the Baptist Missionary Society. He will make such rapid progress in language study that he will be able to preach in Sinhalese in just a few months.

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One hundred and eighty Schwenkfelders arrive in Philadephia. Two days later they hold a thanksgiving service in gratitude for their safe passage to the new world.

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Death of Johann Agricola, a reformer often at odds with Luther and Melanchthon, especially over the role of the law in Christian times.

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(traditional date) Emperor Maximian allegedly puts members of the Theban Legion to the sword when they refuse to renounce their faith.

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