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Maximus the Confessor

It Happened Today: Maximus the Confessor Faced Heretics (656)

If Christ was not fully human, he could not obtain our salvation.

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Evening by Evening

Devotional (2016 church year): Ezra honored the Lord with trust (1868)

I was ashamed to ask the king for soldiers and horsemen to protect us from...

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Five Muslim professors confront Daniel Scot in Pakistan, demanding he convert to Islam— commencing a persecution that will result in him becoming the first Christian charged under Pakistan’s blasphemy law.

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Christian History 109 (2014).


Death of Juji Nakada, a Japanese evangelist. At his invitation, Charles and Lettie Cowman of the US established a Bible Institute in Japan. He also inspired the formation of the Wesleyan-tradition OMS (Oriental Missionary Society— now One Mission Society).

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Death of Silouan of Athos, an uneducated Russian monk and ascetic who had become famous for his spiritual counsel, prayer, and love of enemies.

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Death of A.T. Robertson, educator, soul-winner, inner-city preacher, and author of a monumental New Testament grammar.

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Death of Henry H. Milman, Anglican clergyman and scholar. He had also been a poet and historian who wrote thirteen hymns, including the Easter song, “Ride On! Ride On in Majesty.”

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Catherine McAulay founds New Order of Sisters of Mercy in Ireland, which opens in Dublin to teach poor and homeless mothers. Authority for the date: “The Life of Catherine McAuley”

Ten Orthodox monks arrive at Kodiak, Alaska, to establish a mission among the natives.

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Pastor George Weiss leads a group of Schwenkfelders in a thanksgiving service for their safe passage from Europe and for their new home in Pennsylvania.

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Christian History 21 (1989).


Emperor Isaac Comnenus, on a mission against the barbarians along the Danube, has a narrow escape during a terrific storm. He had taken shelter under a giant oak but suddenly felt compelled to move. Moments later the wind tore the tree out by its roots. In gratitude he will rebuild the Church of Thekla upon his return to Constantinople.

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Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury, opens the Synod of Hertford, the first council representing the whole English church. Five bishops are in attendance.

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Death of controversial Pope Liberius who seems to have been restored from exile only after swearing to a heretical Arian creed.

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