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Samuel Logan Brengle

It Happened Today: Samuel Logan Brengle’s Moment of Truth (1885)

  I was seeking the Holy Spirit that I might use Him, rather than that He might use me.

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C. H. Spurgeon

Devotional (2016 church year): Share with the poor

A generous person will prosper . Proverbs 11:25 NIV.

If I desire to flourish...

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Japan’s Christian Layman’s Association is formed under Dr. S. Uzawa, a former president of the Japanese bar association, and Dr. T. Yamamoto, a prominent scientist.

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Death of Frederick C. Conybeare, internationally respected student of the Armenian language, church history, Bible studies, and textual criticism.

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Death of Julia Chester Emery, who had served forty years as Secretary of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Board of Missions in the Episcopal Church, continually urging expansion of missions and church education.

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Soviets arrest the Orthodox priest Nilus Matveyevich Matveyev in the Tver province, charging him with “counter-revolutionary agitation.” Owing to an amnesty he is released, but six years later he is arrested again and exiled for three years.

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Death of hymnwriter Florence Catherine Armstrong. Her first hymn had appeared in the British Herald during February 1865. One of her best-known was “Oh to Be Over Yonder.”

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Samuel Stillman is installed at the First Baptist Church, Boston. He will promote separation of church and state in the United States.

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Cardinals elect the Dutchman Adrian Dedel to be pope. He takes the name Adrian VI and will be the last non-Italian pope until St. John Paul II in the twentieth-century.

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Death of St. Adrian (or Hadrian) of Canterbury, an African. Well-educated, he had made Canterbury a center of learning for the British isles.

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