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Heinrich Bullinger

It Happened Today: Henry Bullinger Born (1504)

The illigitimate son who became an illustrious reformer of the church.

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Christian's Daily Companion

Devotional (2016 church year): Our lives belong to another (1843)

Don’t harm yourself! —Acts 16:28 (NIV).

It is true that God promises...

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Death of Josiah Mutabuzi Isaya Kibira, a leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania and an advocate of ecumenism.

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Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


Azer Ata is ordained a priest in Egypt. He will become pope of the Coptic church in 1959, taking the name Kyrillos VI.

Authority for the date:


Wasyl Swystun and a group of thirty influential Orthodox laymen summon one hundred and fifty-four delegates to Saskatoon, Canada, where they discuss what they consider to be the unsatisfactory direction the church in the Ukraine and the Russian Orthodox mission in Canada are headed and vote to take steps that will lead to the creation of the Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church of Canada.

Authority for the date:

Yereniuk, R. “A Short Historical Outline of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.”


Catholics opposed to the dogma of papal infallibility adopt the name Old Catholics. Intellectually they are led by professor Johann Joseph Ignaz Von Döllinger of Munich.

Authority for the date:

Vincent, Benjamin. Haydn’s Dictionary of Dates. Putnam, 1911.


Death of Jane Austen in her sister Cassandra’s arms. Suffering Addison’s disease, the author is just forty-one years old. She will be remembered as one of the greatest novelists of the English language, but had also written fervent prayers which demonstrated Christian faith.

Authority for the date:

Standard encyclopedias.

Death of Baptist leader Benjamin Keach. Years earlier, he had been fined and pilloried for a work entitled A Child’s Instructor which rejected infant baptism. Authority for the date: Burrage, Henry S. Baptist Hymnwriters and Their Hymns. Portland, Maine: Brown, Thurston & Co., 1888.

Papal guards arrest the influential Quietist spiritual leader Miguel de Molinos, internationally renowned for his Spiritual Guide. He will die in prison after mistreatment and torture.

Authority for the date:

"The Life of Molinos" from the Spiritual Guide. Seedsowers.


Death of Georg Neumark, German educator, hymnwriter, and composer, in Thuringia. One of his best known hymns is, “If Thou but Suffer God to Guide Thee.”

Authority for the date:



Canonization of theologian Thomas Aquinas, author of Summa Theologica and Summa Contra Gentiles. He had synthesized Aristotelian thought with Christian.

Authority for the date: